Pokemon in pokemon heart gold. Hot pink and gold

Pokemon In Pokemon Heart Gold

pokemon in pokemon heart gold

pokemon in pokemon heart gold - Pokémon Trading

Pokémon Trading Card Game HeartGold & SoulSilver Undaunted Three Pack Blister

Pokémon Trading Card Game HeartGold & SoulSilver Undaunted Three Pack Blister

bNo Challenge Too Great, No Battle Too Fierce HS Undaunted/bThe greatest Trainers are those who are fearless in the face of battle. And thats you! In the Pokmon TCG HS Undaunted expansion, youll discover battleready Pokmon just waiting to be summoned by the fearless Trainer in you! The powerful Rayquaza and Deoxys become a Pokmon LEGEND to be reckoned with...sixPokmon from Raichu to Umbreon to Slowking join the ranks of Pokmon Prime...and Stadium cards like the Ruins of Alph and Trainer cards like Legend Box change every players strategy. Are you ready to be UndauntedHS Undaunted features 90 new cards and remains compatible with previous releases.

82% (13)



Sooo here's 10 things about me, flickr

1. As you can see, blue is my favorite color, next to purple and teal and pink. hahaha. I actually like every color besides orange and yellow >.<

2. I am the biggest nerd ever. Buuuut lately, that doesn't apply when it comes to school - lol senioritis has gotten all of us. I didn't think it would get me, but haaaay. I've got a pretty bad case of it. All I've been doing is playing Pokemon Heart Gold lately. But I've put it away since I couldn't catch Ho-oh. < see this is the nerdiness I'm talking about.

3. Penguins are my favorite animals. Whenever people see a penguin (or a cute fish, apparently), they think of me. ;D I also like dolphins :) & scary animals fascinate me - such as sharks, crocodiles, and snakes. I'm just drawn to the fact that they're dangerous, but if I was ever within 50 feet of them, I'm sure I would piss my pants and die right then and there.

4. I'm obsessed with American Apparel. I'm workin on getting their comfy sweaters in every single color. I think I have half already in my closet ;)

5. I intern at a hospital every Tuesday and Thursday. I used to volunteer there as well, but the volunteer coordinator is a bitch, so now I just intern for a chill doctor and I love her (: I get so tired after though, haha. My legs huuuurt.

6. I have super sensitive skin. One hard poke or pinch - I'll get a bruise. No joke. I always have at least 3 bruises on me at all times -____- ! I burn really easily in the summer too, so I always have my sunscreen lotion with me.

7. I design and produce t-shirts and stickers :D It's a lot of fun and I love doing it. I want to do it for the rest of my life, (after I get my nursing degree and work for a while). I know that makes no sense, but I got my whole life planned out and I cannot wait to make it happen.

8. I am so temperamental. The littlest things can ruin my entire day, but at the same time, other little things can make my day. You just never know what I'm going to throw at you that day. Luckily, my friends know how to handle me at my best and at my worst. (:

9. I've been in a relationship since November 2005 (: I know a lot of people who would be more upset if my boyfriend and I broke up than my boyfriend and I... They're so emotionally invested in our relationship. hahaha <33 Love you guys.

10. I am 95% sure I will be a Bruin by Fall 2010 ;D
5% might go to UCI or UCSD, if I change my mind and pursue Medicine instead.

Doll Face. [212/365]

Doll Face. [212/365]

I can't believe it's 5 in the morning.
I feel like I need Jeromy to keep me in check. With him here we usually went to sleep around 2 or so, but with just me here, I haven't been getting to sleep until around 7am. Then I wake up anytime from 10am-12pm. Which really isn't much sleep. Eh, I'll sleep when I'm dead I guess ;)

Today I had a very busy day. I spent the entire day going through my clothes and my stuff, getting rid of things I don't want/need. I sold a bunch of stuff through Kijiji, I cleaned my room out, I packed up some boxes to be sent away, AND I started packing my suitcase. I don't know why I'm packing my suitcase, I'm not leaving for another 22 days. I'm just anxious I guess!
I also got all the apartment stuff completely DONE. It's ours. Finances are in place and I am moving in the 23rd of August (and Jeromy will be meeting me there in September.) and you know what else is crazy?! I start school in a month. Oh my!

I've been thinking of myself as a photographer lately and trying to figure out, do I really have a "style"? I mean, I look at every image as an individual, and I try to keep my images different from one another. I mean, I'm only 19, and have 3 years until I will hold a degree in design photography so I have plenty of time to develop my own style, and plenty of time to experiment. As artists we all do take inspiration from others. From our friends, from our environments, from our emotions, from other artists, and more specifically to me from other photographers. What would we be without the influence of everybody else?
Well, that's my 5am blurb, and I am now going to lie in bed and stare at the ceiling (and play pokemon heart gold on my DS) until I get tired or something. Goodnight dollfaces.
Also, sorry about my fixation on these rotated images, I just really think it looks better like this then the other way, I stared back and forth for at least 5 minutes. Yeah, this rotated version is better.

pokemon in pokemon heart gold

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